Irrigation controller

If you want a fully automatic irrigation system, you'll need an irrigation controller. De Hoog Techniek has a fitting solution. By making use of a controller, it is possible to irrigate at the times indicated, as long and as often as configured in the controller.

Irrigation controller main view   Irrigation controller   Time set

Making use of the controller is easy. By means of the color red and green, you can see if the tap is being controlled or not. The color green indicates that the controller is active, and the color red indicates that it isn't. Above figure shows that both the pump and valve 1 are active. A controller can automatically be started if the humidity measurement indicates the humidity is at a incorrect level.

Depending on the time/day settings water can be given. In this example 8 of these moments can be specified per day. Every valve has its own settings. The screen shows the remaining spray time.

By default the programme contains 6 defined valves. This can be expanded to a maximum of 100 valves. A seperate input/output has been made for the alarm. Above figure shows how you can configure at which time the valves will give water. In this example it is configured to give water at 02:00 and 15:00 hour and the '05:00 hour' moment has been disabled. Everything can be configured using a touch screen.

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