Every horticulture company has its own wishes and demands. Therefor De Hoog Techniek of 's-Gravenzande develops specific, technical projects which fit seamlessly.

Think of all possible applications in the water and electrotechnical area. For example water decontamination/disinfection (UV), control and regulation systems.
In short, every technical measure required to get the most out of your greenhouse. Precise fit, thus most flexible.

De Hoog Techniek started in 1988 delivering horticultural services. A lot of skill has been developed within the 20 years that the company exists. Together with a team of skilled engineers, we enthusiastically build the installations in our workshop. We deliver and assemble installations all over the world.

UV installation Valveset Aerating the water against algae

De Hoog Techniek B.V. Electrical panel A fertilize-mix unit


High quality products. If you choose to cooperate with De Hoog Techniek then you choose for a small but most flexible and skilled team of water and electrotechnical specialists. In practise this means that we bring a long more then 31 years of knowledge and experience to our projects. But not just that, every project that leaves our production will only include top quality materials.

This delivers the assurance, that you will find a reliable partner in De Hoog Techniek.