Fertilize-mix Unit

In the fertilize-mix unit, fertilizers are added to clean water, to increase the EC and/or pH value to the desired values. Every unit will be created under our supervision and according your wishes. The units will be delivered on a stainless steel frame. For example the following characteristic properties of the fertilize-mix unit can be adapted to your needs:

  • required capacity
  • desired filter methods
  • kind of outgoing water (fox example the filtration degree)
  • added fertilizers
  • desired measurements
  • desired regulators

The fertilize-mix unit can be provided with an advanced pH and EC regulator if required. These regulators make sure a reliable dosage of the required fertilizers are added. The dosage units can be provided with a A and/or B container. Several units of De Hoog Techniek are displayed below:

3 fertilize-mix units A fertilizer unit with a pressurized water system next to it A hydrophore unit

Fertilize mix unit Fertilizer-mix unit A and B tank fertilize-mix unit

Filter with waste collection Fertilizer-mix unit with H2O2 injection Fertilizer-mix unit with 2 double pump capacity


3D Video Fertilize-mix unit


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