Irrigations systems

A reliable and accurate irrigation is essential for optimal growth of the crop. In the course of years several irrigation systems have been developed in horticulture. De Hoog Techniek can deliver and assemble an extensive product range for every existing crop growing situation to deliver the ever so important irrigation.

Drip IrrigationDepending on the method of cultivation a system with a dripper per plant or per cultivation area can be used. In the first case a wide choice of dripper systems is available, every system has his own advantages. De irrigation capacity is tuned per plant, the supplied water gets exactly there where it needs to be. With the correct division of crane compartments and pipe system capacity, a minimal water supply per square meter is guaranteed at all times.

Drip irrigation Irrigation

Irrigation Irrigation

Drip system by vegatable

Ebb and flood
The irrigation of crops coming from below on (concrete) floors or grow tables is mainly applied in pot horticulture and in plant-on-growth. The latest development in growing on the ground with an armed engineering foil with drain hoses for both the supply and drainage of water. The advantage in this case is that the greenhouse doesn't have to be provided with a concrete floor.

Tides on tables Tides on tables Tides on concrete floors

Tides on concrete floors Tides on concrete floors Tides on concrete floors


Irrigation / Spray

In the (top) spraying system, rotating sprayers are used more and more. These sprayers give a more accurate distribution of the water above the crops. This is particularly important in sandy soil or for example in the growth of pot plants.

Fog system Fog system with ventilation Fog system on concrete floors