Nowadays when you think of a horticultural company, you can not imagine a company that doesn't use filters. Namely because a good filtration is of great importance to an irrigation system. Filter are there to be able to filtrate and (re)use several kinds of water. When coarse parts exist in the water supply, then they can cause damage in drippers for example. Filters exist in all shapes and sizes. Here below a little section of filters of De Hoog Techniek is displayed. A few applications of filters are:

  • Processing (cooling) water
  • Recirculation systems
  • Irrigation systems

Automatic filter

A automatic filter is a compact way of filtration. The filter offers a efficient filter solution with a minimum loss of pressure and water supply. Equipped with a maximum differential pressure switch, a control box with flushing program and an electrically operated drain valve. So the filter is delivered plug ready. The advantage of an automatically self-cleaning filter is that there is a uninterrupted flow of water into the greenhouse during the removal of the dirt.

Sand filter

Filtering with sand filters is also called deep filtration. The filtration quality mostly depends on the effective depth of the filtration bed, the flow rate through the filter and the quality of the sand.The water passes through the filter inlet and seeps through the filter bed. Because the water seeps through the filter bed, the floating parts of dirt are absorbed by the filter bed. And thus purified water remains. The sand filters exist in several sizes and with several types of filter sand.

Hand filter

Hand filters are used in installations which do need filtration, but no automatic purification. The filters are assembled out of high quality materials. De Hoog Techniek delivers hand filters from 1½" tot 12". The hand filters are also available in several micron ratings.


Automatic filtration Sand filtration Manual filtration
Automatic filter Sand filter Manual filter